Behind The Design: HOW’s Cover

In 2005, HOW magazine debuted a new bold cover design onto newsstands with a larger than life logo. This cover setup for the then 20-year-old magazine presented interesting opportunities for art directors and illustrators to push the creative envelope and discover what interesting shapes and objects could form the letters “H,” “O” and “W.” We have used everything from type, papers and textures to wood, ribbon, Play-doh and delicate seedlings.

With 2011 around the corner—and this year being the magazine’s 25th anniversary—I think that our cover should reflect that we continue to grow strong, take risks and exhibit creativity. In your mailboxes and newsstands you will find a new cover design. The goal of this redesign is to present our readers with the same great content (provided by our amazing editorial team) and new, creative cover solutions from HOW in a fresh format. This new design presents an opportunity to showcase the featured work and conceptual designs that boldly express each issue’s theme. One of the previous cover design’s great successes was its ability to integrate the image into the logo. I hope to pay tribute to that concept in a more subtle way in this new design. Here is a look at HOW’s cover redesigns over its 25 years:

Want to see more HOW magazine covers? Check out our cover gallery from the February 2010 issue.

We also took this opportunity to make some typographic modifications to the logo itself. Here is a peek at the HOW logo’s development overtime:


It’s an exciting time to be a part of the HOW brand and the publishing industry as a whole.

I am continually inspired by our talented audience of creatives and the award-winning designs on the pages of HOW. There is no shortage of inspiration in the halls of HOW. I hope you will enjoy our new look as much as we enjoyed creating it for you. I’d like to extend a special thanks to the members of the HOW advisory board and Brian Sooy at Sooy Co. for his work on the new HOW logo.



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