Healthy Lunches and Snacks to Power Your Workday

If you hit that late-morning crash or mid-afternoon lull during your workday, chances are, carbs and caffeine are to blame. For design pros who need the mental stamina to develop great ideas and focus on detailed work at the computer, fuel for the body is also fuel for creativity. Here are a couple of easy brown-bag recipes for filling, healthy lunches and snacks:


Homemade Granola Bars

Store-bought granola bars are often high in sugar; power bars are often high in calories. So make your own, with whole grains, natural sweeteners, and any nuts and dried fruit you like.

Here’s a recipe for homemade crunchy-chewy granola bars.



Whole-Grain Salads

Lettuce makes a fine base for salad, but it doesn’t have the fiber and nutrients to keep you going. Instead, use whole grains—quinoa, wheat berries, farro and the like—as the foundation for a filling lunch-able salad. (Quinoa, especially, is packed with protein.)

Here’s a recipe for whole-grain salad with tomatoes, corn and mozzarella.
Here’s a recipe for tabbouleh salad with chicken.
Here’s a recipe for whole-grain salad with veggies.


Better-Than-Storebought Yogurt

Ever look at the ingredient list for a national brand of yogurt? Especially the lite versions, which include artificial flavors and fake sugar? Otherwise, though, low-fat yogurt’s a great choice for a snack; mix it with fruit and you get protein, fiber and vitamins. So make your own fruit and non-fat yogurt in a small jar.

The mind is the most important tool we use to make a living. To care for it effectively, we have to appreciate that what we do to our bodies, we also do to our brains. In HOW’s July 2013 issue, I offer insights and tips of keeping your mind healthy and your creativity sharp.