January 2012 HOW Magazine


HOW’s January issue celebrates two segments of the design field: professionals working in corporate creative departments, and up-and-coming designers who are just starting to make their mark.

Top Coverlines: 88 Award-Winning In-House Designs, 16 Inspiring Young Creatives, Is ‘Freelancer’ a Dirty Word?, 12 Month Guide: Grow Your In-House Career, Fashion Straight from Omaha. You’ll find all this and more inside this issue. Click here to view this issue’s Table of Contents.

Dig in below and explore this issue’s web extras!

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12-Month Career-Boosting Guide

Need a game plan for moving your in-house design career forward this year? Take the following 12 steps to help maximize your work potential. By making one new change each month, you can boost your career outlook—and add a little fun to your job!

Competition Corrections

Oops! These In-HOWse Design Awards Merit winners were not represented accurately in the January 2012 issue of HOW (download the winners). The below correction ran in the March 2012 issue of HOW. We apologize to Seventh Generation and Wells Fargo for the mistakes.  1. TitleWells Fargo Volunteers Company/OrganizationWells Fargo, San Francisco;www.wellsfargo.com Creative TeamMichele Ronsen,...

Prism Awards, in-howse design awards best of show winner

In-HOWse Best of Show Winner

The winning entry—a total identity refresh for The Prism Awards, an international competition that recognizes innovation in photonics—shows that in-house designers are in a unique position to generate big buzz for their companies.

16 Emerging Creatives

After evaluating countless portfolios and projects, the editors of HOW selected a group of 16 highly talented emerging creative professionals who are poised to make a difference in the visual landscape.

6 Tips to Perfect Your Portfolio

All style and no substance is the No. 1 critique voiced by executives about creative portfolios, according to a a survey by The Creative Group. Find out how to build and present a a portfolio that demonstrates value to potential employers.