Competition Corrections

Oops! These In-HOWse Design Awards Merit winners were not represented accurately in the January 2012 issue of HOW (download the winners). The below correction ran in the March 2012 issue of HOW. We apologize to Seventh Generation and Wells Fargo for the mistakes. 

1. Title
Wells Fargo Volunteers

Wells Fargo, San Francisco;

Creative Team
Michele Ronsen, Steve Canine, Alyson Fayollat

Project Objective
The new Wells Fargo Volunteers logo — with a triumphant person representing the “l” in “Volunteers” — communicates pride, empowerment and playfulness. The T-shirt’s eye-catching heart design uses icons in a similar line-drawn style to convey how fun volunteering can be and vividly illustrates the ways team members contribute to their communities.

2. Title
Seventh Generation Values

Seventh Generation, Burlington, VT;

Jeff Holmes

Project Objective
The main challenge of this project was to distill each value and its multiple behaviors into a single icon or symbol. This work represents the cultural foundation of Seventh Generation and was approved by the CEO in order to be implemented into the fabric of the company. The icons are displayed around the building to serve as a constant reminder of the company’s principles.