HOW January 2013

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In-House Designer Issue of HOW Magazine

The January 2013 issue of HOW magazine will be a blueprint for success for in-house designers, one of the largest segments of HOW’s audience. This issue is devoted to this group of designers that often finds themselves playing corporate hopscotch within their organization, as they do their job. “More than anything, they want to feel like they’re relevant, both within their own companies and the design community at large,” says HOW’s executive editor Sarah Whitman.

In this issue, you’ll find the winners of the In-HOWse Design Awards, which spotlights 76 award-winning designs from companies and organizations.

Here’s a taste of a few stories that you’ll find in this issue, as well:

Metrics & Trends That In-House Designers Need to Know: Creative Services teams are known for getting things done — under all circumstances. And when it comes time to discuss resources, industry data can be their greatest ally. Check out the results presented in the In-House Industry Report that can serve as a source of validation and direction to in-house creative leaders.

In-House Overhaul: The National Parks Conservation Association’s in-house design team went from being an overlooked team of two to a respected and sought-after group. They made the transformation one small step at a time, and so can you by heeding the lessons they learned along the way.

You’ll find all this and more in the January issue of HOW magazine. Want to win cool products that designers will love? HOW hosts a sweepstakes of such products that are featured in the LOOK section of the magazine. Enter Now!

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