HOW January 2014

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In-House Designer Issue of HOW Magazine

The January 2014 issue of HOW magazine is The In-House Design Annual. The 86 award-winning designs shown in this issue represent the in-house talent behind leading organizations and small businesses alike. Whether you work in-house or not, we hope you’ll agree that the creatives behind these projects are true assets to their organizations.

In this issue, you’ll find the winners of the In-HOWse Design Awards, which spotlights 86 award-winning designs from companies and organizations.

Here’s a taste of a few stories that you’ll find in this issue, as well:

8 Ways to Brainstorm Better: Ideation is the bread and butter of a genius creative concept. Just in time for your next brainstorm, we’ve culled advice from the experts to help grease the creative wheels—whether you’re working alone or on a team

Richard Turley and the Unusually Talented Suspects: “Bloomberg Businessweek” creative director Richard Turley and his in-house team revived a publication on the brink of collapse into something to be desired on newsstands. Go behind the scenes with this crew.

Building a Brand with Character: Character sits at the backbone of how a brand is perceived and regarded in the marketplace. So how do you craft a brand persona consumers can respect and connect with? Scott Lerman, author of “Building Better Brands,” divulges key steps from his process.

Finding Inspiration In-House: Working in-house, you’re charged with serving up the same messages to the same audience using the same ingredients. These 7 tips will help you cook up something fresh.

You’ll find all this and more in the January issue of HOW magazine. Want to win cool products that designers will love? HOW hosts a sweepstakes of such products that are featured in the LOOK section of the magazine. Enter Now!

8 Ways to Brainstorm Better

Get expert advice on streamlining the brainstorming sessions and eliminating the "yeah, but.." scenarios that always crop up during a brainstorming session.

Mirrored Images: An Exercise In Perspective

Can you remember the first time you held a kaleidoscope? Do you remember turning that brightly wrapped cardboard cylinder filled with little bits of colored plastic and mirrors awed by the endless patterns you could create with just a turn of your wrist? While kaleidoscopes may have faded out as children’s toys there is...

Finding Inspiration In-House

Regular HOW contributor, Scott Kirkwood takes a look at a common (in-house) designer issue: Continually generating new ideas for the same client. You can find this In-House column, "Finding Inspiration In-House," along with the In-House Design Awards winner and other great articles in the January issue of HOW, the In-House Design Annual.

freelance, networking

Tips for Networking in 2014

When you think of networking, do you think of slimy schmoozers pushing their business cards on everyone they encounter? That’s one kind of networking—but certainly not the only kind, and definitely not the most effective kind, especially for freelance designers. Networking—connecting authentically and personally with real people—is still, hands down, the most effective marketing...

Finding Inspiration: 6 Ways to Cultivate New Ideas

Design is all about tackling specific challenges in new ways, and the “Finding Inspiration,” Freelance column I wrote for  the January issue of HOW magazine contains a lot of practical advice for doing just that. But it’s just as important to do simple things to stay fresh day to day. The word “inspiration” comes...

Five Steps For Better Branding

No matter what stage you are at in business – a fledgling designer branching out on your own for the first time, an established designer working for a big conglomerate or anything in between – branding is important. The first thing you might think of when you think of “branding” is the quintessential “logo”....

Illustrations with a Twisted Take on 1950s Advertising

These playful illustrated prints will bring some cheer to your Monday. Ben O’Brien’s “Twisted Fifties” series caught our eye with their warped sense of humor and colorful illustration. O’Brien’s tongue-in-cheek series poke holes in the idealized world often portrayed in 1950s advertising. With a fun, “twisted” approach, these prints show stylized women engaged in...