July 2011 Color and Typography Issue Table of Contents


July 2011 Type Issue of HOWHOW July 2011: Typography & Color
HOW’s July issue is chock-ful of resources and inspirational work that will help you hone your typography skills. You’ll discover new fonts to try, must-read blogs and books, tips for setting type, font-inspired products to buy and inspiring designers to add to your must-watch list. Plus, check out the winners of the first annual Color in Design Awards for more design inspiration and the Type Foundry Index.

Countless sans serif typefaces have been around since the 18th century. Do we really need any more sturdy, serif-less type families? Our type expert says, “absolutely!”

The Best-Kept Secret
You’ve no doubt seen her work: gorgeous typographical treatments for The New York Times Magazine, custom lettering for fashion brands and lyrical book covers. But you’ve probably never seen her name. Get to know the best-kept secret in design. Get 5 tips from this former New York Times Magazine art director

Display Type
Show off your love of lettering! We’ve compiled a font-tastic collection of wearable, usable, adorable, decor-able products that let you surround yourself with type. Get a sneak peek online!

Thou Shalt Not
Double spacing between sentences, dumb quotes, improper use of em-dashes and hyphens. These are all design sins. Save yourself with these 34 commandments to save you from Typographic Hell. Preview 7 Type Sins online.

Dynamic Duo
Meet the creative superheroes behind some of today’s cutting-edge comic books—designers and lettering artists John Roshell and Richard Starkings, principals of Comicraft.

Overwhelmed by the vast array of typefaces on the market? Stressed over keeping up with type trends? Relax. The professor is in, with a guide to all the print and online typographical resources you need.

Career: Next Generation of Designers
Meet 6 new grads just starting their design careers and follow their job searches.

Freelance: The Budget Game
Here’s how to get over your fear of asking clients to disclose their project budgets.

Business: Strengthen Your Business
A veteran design-firm owner shares the advice she wishes she’d received when she started her business.

In-House Issues: Going it alone
Get practical advice for managing your workload and getting support when you work solo.

Workspace: Community Hub
Part design studio, part art gallery, Fathom Creative opens its doors to the community.

Creativity: Kid-Tested, Designer-approved
A designing dad introduces you to creative games you can play with any kid (or kid at heart).

My Best Work: Emily Oberman
The partner in New York City’s Number 17 tells all about her work for “Saturday Night Live.”

Designing Change: Wheel of Conscience

Sidelines: Dognotes

Behind the Design

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