HOW July 2013

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type trends issue of how magazine

The July 2013 issue of HOW magazine is THE issue for type trends and interactive design advice.

This issue — a favorite for all the typophiles out there — showcases the work of six type-savvy, up-and-coming designers in the feature “Type-Savvy Six.” Plus, you’ll find the 10 Outstanding Achievement winners and Best of Show from the HOW Interactive Design Awards.

Wondering how to start a website? Check out the interactive feature “How Websites Should be Built.” We know you’re a sucker for type trends and looking for web design advice to help you excel in your career. Dive into this issue of HOW magazine!

Here’s a taste of the Features:

  • Designing & Building Websites From Start to Finish
  • How to Master Code-Free Design
  • How to Build a High-Performing In-House Team
  • The Type-Savvy Six

  • You’ll find all this and more in the July issue of HOW magazine. PLUS: Want to win cool products that designers will love? HOW hosts a sweepstakes of such products that are featured in the LOOK section of the magazine. Enter Now!

    INTERACTIVE DESIGN ONLINE BONUS: Check out Chris Butler’s 3-part series on Website Prototyping:

    Part 1: Why Prototyping Matters
    Part 2: The Language of Prototyping
    Part 2: The Sequence of Prototyping

    Type Foundry Index

    Each year, HOW magazine creates the type index, a list of type foundries to help graphic designers like you find the best fonts for their projects.

    2013 HOW Interactive Design Awards Winners

    This is the official gallery housing the winners from the 2013 The Interactive Design Awards. This competition recognizes the industry’s best interactive designs, such as websites, kiosks, apps, etc. The Outstanding Achievement winners and Best of Show can be found in the July 2013 issue of HOW magazine, but see them below as well...

    Hot Faces & Cool Type

    How to know which typefaces are fresh, stylish and hip? Expert Allan Haley has you covered. Read on for several tasty type trends to incorporate in your design work.