HOW Design Magazine’s Fall 2016 Issue

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Get noticed with the latest issue of HOW. Learn how to brand yourself at every stage of your career. Check out 101 award-winning self-promotion designs. What does “pro bono” really mean, and should you ever work for free? Explore the creative community in Philadelphia and learn about packaging design essentials.

how-magazine-fall-2016This latest issue of HOW is divided into four sections: WHO, WHERE, WHAT and — of course — HOW. Explore each below.


Here’s what you’ll find inside:


In each issue HOW looks at the creative landscape and selects an array of the most interesting, innovative and inspiring designers, leaders and entrepreneurs.

  • Family Matters: The Best of Show winners of HOW’s Promotion & Marketing Design Awards
  • HOW Promotion & Marketing Design Awards: Designer Promotions



From interviews with HOW’s thought-leaders, we see the emergence of a few trends and big ideas. Whether it’s a digital media mogul or a paper goods company, they all share a common thread.

  • 7 Coloring Books for Graphic Designers
  • Navigating the Contract Conversation
  • HOW Promotion & Marketing Design Awards: Client Promotions
  • The Pros of Pro Bono Work
  • HOW Promotion & Marketing Design Awards: Pro Bono Promotions



HOW explores the world of design by venturing to one of today’s most unexpected creative communities to see what makes it so unique. 

  • Philadelphia: City of Designerly Lover
  • HOW Promotion & Marketing Design Awards: Student Projects
  • HOW Promotion & Marketing Design Awards: Photography



How do they do it? HOW explores the creative process of some of today’s most influential designers to understand how they design, build brand and become who they are.

  • The Two-Second Rule: Essential Packaging Design Secrets (Read Part 1 and Part 2 online!)
  • The Career-Long Project of You: Branding Yourself at Every Stage of Your Career
  • HOW Promotion & Marketing Design Awards: Miscellaneous

You’ll find all this and more in the Fall 2016 issue of HOW magazine.

Philadelphia, City of Designerly Love

Explore Philadelphia design firms, hot spots and the creative community that loves its city’s accessibility, affordability, dining, culture, green spaces—and the clients who keep them busy doing great work.