HOW March 2011


HOW Business AnnualHOW’s March Issue is packed full of inspiration, as it debuts the winners from our biggest competition—the 2011 International Design Annual—featuring nearly 300 award-winning print and interactive designs. PLUS: HOW takes a spin around the globe to introduce you 7 firms where creative pros are doing eye-catching work.


  • International Design Awards After 3 days of judging fabulous design, judges Clint! Runge, Richard Westendorf and Michael Osborne narrowed down the winners.
  • Best of Show: A Grade Above the Rest In a sea of college recruitment brochures that blend together in blandness, design firm 160over90 envisioned something much grander for this Best of Show winner.
  • Interactive Design Awards See the best that’s on the web and beyond, from b2b and consumer websites, to self-promo and kiosks.
  • Best of Show: A Digital Home Run Second Story Interactive Studios hit one, literally, out of the ballpark when they developed an interactive exhibit that lets baseball fans create the Big League stadium of their dreams.
  • Global Design: Out of this World We scanned the globe to find 7 design studios where creative pros are doing eye-catching work. Take a peek at design around the world, and hear from those creatives about other studios that inspire them.


  • DESIGNING CHANGE: On the House Web Extra – Read the full interview with Matchstic/On The House and see the results of three Atlanta nonprofit rebrands.
  • SIDELINES: OMFGCO Web Extra – Read the full Q&A with Mathew Foster of OMFGCO.
  • IN-HOUSE ISSUES: Odd Jobs – Designers share the crazy projects they’re asked to tackle (like a flyer for the boss’s garage sale) and tell how you can deal with such requests.
  • BUSINESS: Mastering Money – Take these 4 steps toward gaining confidence and control over your personal and professional finances.
  • CAREER: The 90-Day Plan – So you’ve been promoted to manager? Here are the key things you must do in your first 3 months to make the transition from colleague to boss.
  • FREELANCE: Finding Your Focus – You’ve heard the advice that you should choose a specialty for your design business. Here’s why-and how-to do it.
  • Web Extra: Download a free “Define Your Market” worksheet.
  • WORKSPACE: Creative Fire – A shop in The Netherlands makes the move from home office to more professional digs.
  • CREATIVITY: Trading Places – has emerged as an online hub for designers looking to trade working and living arrangements with other creatives. Find out how you can spend a few months abroad-while keeping your job.
  • Web Extra: Writer Jenny Sullivan talks with creatives Andrew Zarick and Jose Poyatos about their experiences working and living in each other’s shoes. See the full Q&A online.
  • MY BEST WORK: Matteo Bologna – View our online gallery from My Best Work.

Define Your Market

You’ve heard the advice: Choose a target market for your design business. But it’s a scary prospect to commit to one line of work. Here’s how to find the right fit for you.

Sidelines: OMFGCO

Three Wieden + Kennedy alumni hang out a shingle as the Original Manufacturing Company (OMFGCO), making prints and T-shirts—and sharing ownership of a bar in their hometown—in addition to client work.