10 World-Class Design Firms

Digging into the dynamic portfolios of the designers and illustrator featured in the below article, “10 World-Class Design Firms,” was my favorite part of this assignment. We wanted to spotlight design firms and other creatives from around the world, staying true to the March 2012 issue’s international design focus (See the winners of the 2012 International Design Awards, also featured in this issue).

Each creative entity profiled in this article has a style all on their own that can be seen in their work. It was fascinating to hear about the challenges and highlights of working in a particular country. Take a moment to hear their stories and get inspired.

10 World-Class Design Firms

10 World-Class Design Firms DESIGN BY NEHA AGARWAL www.nehaagarwal.com

Firms Featured in This Article:

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2 thoughts on “10 World-Class Design Firms

  1. Designfacet

    Considering the world and how many design firms there are, it is very hard to find a world-class one. World class by who’s standards? I think local design firms can achieve more recognition by providing great customer service and quality work. I consider myself to be one 🙂