HOW March 2013

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International Design Issue of HOW Magazine

The March 2013 issue of HOW magazine is sure to inspire all designers with its showcase of international design. In this issue, readers can devour the winners from the International Design Awards, including the anticipated best of show winner. This issue also dives deep into design in Germany, profiling the work of six studios producing noteworthy design.

Here’s a taste of a few other stories that you’ll find in this issue:

Understanding Design Strategy: Many creative firms claim to develop design strategies for their clients, but are they really taking full advantage of this powerful tool? Strategist Terry Lee Stone breaks down what design strategy really means and how you can use it to elevate your work and the entire industry.

Project Management Solutions: Learn how to select the right system for your in-house design group.

You’ll find all this and more in the March issue of HOW magazine. Want to win cool products that designers will love? HOW hosts a sweepstakes of such products that are featured in the LOOK section of the magazine. Enter Now!

5 Tips for Telecommuting as a Creative Professional

Some companies are reassessing their work-from-home policies, but you can make it work for you. Use these five tips for telecommuting. Courtesy of CSA Images When you think of telecommuting, you might picture yourself padding downstairs to your home office in your PJs, sipping freshly brewed coffee from your favorite mug. You envision peacefully...

Understanding Design Strategy

In the broadest sense, “strategy” is a plan for how to achieve a goal. In business, strategy bridges the gap between policy (guidelines governing action) and tactics (a set of techniques). Strategy is what a company develops to differentiate itself from competitors’ actual or predicted moves. It’s complex and it drives every decision a...

Behind the Design: Art & Artifacts

When the Portland Museum of Art began preparing for an exhibit celebrating the life and times of American artist Winslow Homer, they turned to Might & Main to develop all the branding for the show, including creating the products that were sold in the visitor’s shop. “The museum challenged us to produce high-quality products...


Design Project Management Software Solutions

Choosing and implementing a project-management system can be a daunting task. In HOW's March 2013 In-House Issues column, Cella Consulting’s Jackie Schaffer walks you through the process step-by-step so you can pick the right solution for your in-house team. Here is her handy list of design project management software options.

Stock Image Index

Each year, HOW magazine compiles a list of stock-photo and illustration companies to help graphic designers find the best images for their projects.