International Page-Turners

Perhaps it’s rather meta for a magazine’s editorial team to look at other publications around the globe for inspiration. But a serendipitous email from a friend living in Sweden sent us down the proverbial rabbit hole: We clicked from the website of an eclectic indie-magazine boutique in Stockholm called Papercut and into a wonderland of international magazines chock-full of fresh looks, styles and ideas.

We discovered a host of smart, eye-catching publications that spotlight all manner of design—fashion, graphic, interior, typography—and a range of disciplines—high art, street culture, handmade crafts, food, music. Many of the editors we interviewed spoke of creating their magazines simply because they couldn’t find the kind of inspiration they were seeking anywhere else.

We knew we couldn’t keep this treasure trove of visual goodness to ourselves. So we reached out to a handful of publications being shaped and molded in a variety of cities around the world to learn more about what they’re seeing, what they’re loving and what they’re doing to seduce readers.


Read about 5 of these International Page-Turners in the March 2014 issue of HOW

Here are three additional magazines (not shown in the HOW feature) to also keep on your idea-sparking radar!

MADEMADE Quarterly (Melbourne, Australia)
Quarterly-ish print magazine created by Melbourne design agency Hunt&Co., which also publishes Process Journal.

MADE Quarterly “documents the workings of the modern maker” in a range of creative disciplines including architecture, fashion, food and product design. It focuses on the people behind the projects, digging into their thinking and inspiration.


Bad Day (Toronto)
Biannual print magazine primarily available in Canada and at small art and design bookshops around the globe. Available by subscription.

This cross-cultural publication features interviews with creative influencers from the worlds of graphic design, fashion, filmmaking and music.

LodownLodown (Germany)
Published five times a year; available by subscription.

Honestly, we’re not quite sure how to peg this mashup of sports, fashion, music and entertainment. The website alone is a time-suck (and we mean that in the best of ways), and a great look at popular culture from outside the U.S.

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