HOW May 2011


HOW May 2011 Issue

HOW May 2011:
Special Creativity Issue

HOW tackles the subject that’s nearest and dearest to designers’ hearts—creativity—with exercises, information and inspiration that will help break any creative rut. Learn how to sell risky ideas to clients and how to flex your mental muscles, and find out how design superstars like Paula Scher and Stefan Sagmeister overcome their creative obstacles.


Crankier Than Ever
At a time when letterpress printing is making a resurgence, two brothers are leading the charge. Meet the guys behind Cranky Pressman (one is the printer and the other the brand strategist), and see how they’re preserving the old craft of ink on paper by working with a new generation of designers. (And see their craftsmanship on our cover.)

Risky Business
Ever propose a design solution that you know to be risky but right for the client—only to have it rejected? Here are 4 smart strategies for successfully pitching out-of-the-ordinary creative ideas.

Putting Lines Around Ideas
Have you lost touch with your artistic roots? Or perhaps you never learned how to draw in the first place? Six dedicated sketchers, including Ken Carbone and Kate Bingaman Burt, tell you how drawing can help you be more creative and give you tips to get comfortable with a pencil in your hand.
ONLINE Exclusive: Get a step-by-step view of Ken Carbone’s process as he practices his line drawing skills.

Design Practice
Want the key to creative success? Learn to access your intuition. Making creativity happen easily and instinctively takes a lot of practice. We have a series of mental workouts (excerpted from David Sherwin’s book Creative Workshop) designed to help you stay sharp and creative when it counts.

Photo Playground
Three designers each took a Lomography camera for a spin, with crazy-cool results. See their images and get inspired to try your own photography experiments.
Download free textures, backgrounds and blank notecards with the Lomography images.

Designers are using unusual folding techniques to make their paper
projects stand out. See a gallery of eye-catching design work and get expert advice
on adding folded flair to your next project.


CAREER: Be a Career Maverick Get 4 strategies for making unconventional and
rewarding career choices.

FREELANCE: Making the Move
Take these 6 steps now to prepare for the day when you’ll launch your freelance business.
EXTRA: Download a whitepaper, The Freedom of Freelancing

BUSINESS: Are You Covered?
Do you have the right business insurance for your firm? If you’re not sure, here’s
how to find an agent and get the coverage you need.

IN-HOWSE ISSUES: A Rich Racing History
Meet the inside team responsible for creating the look of the storied Indianapolis 500.

PRODUCTION: Paper Spec’ing Sidekicks
These 7 online tools help you make smart choices about paper.

WORKSPACE: A Dash of Old Spice
A Portland, OR, studio calls its office aesthetic “Mid-Century Lumberjack.” Tour the
space and see what they mean.

CREATIVITY: Your Own Worst Enemy
Design luminaries like Paula Scher and Chip Kidd give advice on breaking through
when you doubt your talent.

MY BEST WORK: Pum Lefebure

Design Army’s co-founder discusses her favorite from among the firm’s many award-winning projects.
See other designers talking about their favorite projects in My Best Work


SIDELINES: A Modern Eden
See a Q&A with the design team behind A Modern Eden.

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Ken Carbone: How to Draw

Noted designer Ken Carbone spends one morning a week practicing his figure drawing skills. He gives step-by-step instructions on how he created a beautiful image.