HOW November 2013

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Business and Career Annual issue of HOW Magazine

The November 2013 issue of HOW magazine is our Business & Career Annual. This issue is chock full of business and career advise including tips on acing your next interview, start setting expectations and keeping your team on track, how to coax your creativity when you need it the most, and much more!

Here’s a taste of the Featured articles:

You’ll find all this and more in the November issue of HOW magazine. PLUS: Want to win cool products that designers will love? HOW hosts a sweepstakes of such products that are featured in the LOOK section of the magazine. Enter Now!

Did you read Ilise Benun’s article Stop Charging by the Hour? Hungry for more pricing advice? Access Jessica Hische’s talk on The Dark Art of Pricing.

Land Your Next Job: Know Your Interviewer

Learn how to land your next job by understanding the perspective of your interviewer. Armed with these six profiles of typical hiring managers, you’ll ace your next interview. User experience has become a red-hot design topic and for a good reason: You have to understand what makes people tick in order to develop seamless...

Get Organized and Increase Your Profits

After the first time I hosted a Thanksgiving dinner at my house, I swore I would never do it again. I had no idea what it took to feed 14 people a traditional turkey dinner with all the proper fixings. And I didn’t see the seriousness of the situation until it was too late:...

Sell Without Selling: Ace Your Next Client Pitch

There’s a lot to manage when presenting your ideas to a client and too much at stake to show up unprepared. These 7 points will help you navigate difficult waters, anticipate problems and steer the conversation away from the cliff. There is an old African proverb that says, “Don’t teach a child not to...

Job Interview Tips to Win Over Hiring Managers

You’ve landed an interview (hooray!), but now you’re sweating the questions and the entire process. We’ve collected some of our best job interview tips and resources to help you understand how to approach and prepare for your interview. These resources will give you an inside look into the hiring manager’s perspective and role in...

The Client Pitch Presentation Checklist

In the November issue of HOW, contributor Douglas Davis gave readers seven points for pitching their work to clients. “Sell Without Selling” made the art of giving a presentation easy. Now, Davis followed up his article with the Client Pitch Presentation checklist below. Here’s some things you should keep in mind during your dry...

Business Advice Podcast: Become Organized and Increase Your Efficiency

In this podcast from business mentor Peleg Top, he speaks with organization experts Ed Gandia and Donna Smallin Kuper. Building upon the ideas discussed in Top’s “Get Organized and Increase Your Profits” in the  HOW Business Annual, this podcast picks up where the article left off to provide additional business advice. Learn how organization...

Create a Nurturing Environment for Bold Ideas

Bold, unsafe ideas are useless to the organization unless those ideas are grounded in strategy, grounded in the essence of the brand, grounded in the wants and needs, hopes and dreams of end users. Find tips for ensuring a safe environment to nurture big ideas.