September 2011 Issue

September 2011 Issue of HOW


HOW’s September issue packs all of the information and design inspiration you need to create eye-catching promotional materials for your design business and your clients. Discover how firms and designers are promoting their business and seeing positive results. Plus, view the winners from our 2011 Promotion Design Awards.

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In addition to the regular columns and dynamic features in each issue, HOW provides web exclusive content and article sneak peeks all available here. View the articles below to get a taste of what’s inside the September Issue of HOW.

Promote Like a Pro: Get the ultimate collection to ramp up your self-promotion efforts.

Design to Your Own Beat

The Rhythm of Design

When music and design intersect, the results can be mesmerizing. Tune in to these music-inspired design projects and find more in the September issue of HOW.

My Best Work: Chip Kidd

In the September 2011 issue of HOW, we asked renowned designer Chip Kidd to write about what he considers his best work. Read about this project that he describes as "quite a geek’s dream come true."

Your Marketing is Mature If …

In the September 2011 issue of HOW, the article “From Start to Smart” guides firm owners through the different stages their studio should evolve to as it matures. If you can answer “yes” to all four questions below, you’ve reached the third stage in the article: Maturity (See Sept. issue of specific tips for...

3 Soft-Sell Strategies to Define Your Social Media Presence

When passion is your guide and the web is your sketchbook, you can find more than creative inspiration. If you’re lucky, you’ll find some great clients, too. In the September 2011 Issue of HOW, you’ll read about designers whose self-driven creative explorations online have catapulted into self-promotion success stories (Read “The Accidental Promotor”). Do...

Designer Spotlight: Benjamin Dooling

Benjamin Dooling grew up amidst the shavings and sawdust of his father’s furniture-making business. It’s not surprising that he has a knack for discovering inspiration all around him. Dooling has found a niche in branding and packaging for the food and beverage industry. Spend some time with his stunning work.