Shultzilla Specializes in New Orleans-Inspired T-shirts, Apparel

The husband-and-wife team behind the New Orleans-inspired T-shirt design shop, Shultzilla, love creating designs that will make you smile — if you understand what they mean.

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Most of their apparel and T-shirt designs revolve around the Big Easy’s idiosyncrasies, like the way the folks from around there talk or the food they eat. They’re the kind of things that you really only get if you’ve lived in New Orleans for awhile, which is why the shirts are such hits with locals.

Shultzilla’s co-founder Jeremy Miller explains, “Not everyone’s going to get it, but the people who do are going to think it’s hilarious.”

Fortunately, for those of us who aren’t locals, read on as they explain the stories and inspirations behind some of their most popular T-shirt designs. And learn a little more about what it takes to be a New Orleanian, or at least how to sound like one.

See below for a taste of these NOLA inspired T’s. To find out more about Shutzilla and how it started, flip to page 22 in the September 2012 issue of HOW.

Shutzilla owners Aimee and Jeremy Miller
Aimée Miller, co-founder of Shultzilla, is wearing the shop’s crescent type tee. New Orleans is known as the Crescent City because of its location in accordance to the Mississippi River.

Jeremy Miller, the other half of the design shop, is wearing another popular design. He explains that after Sean Payton was suspended for the upcoming football season due to the Saints’ bounty scandal, many T-shirt shops put out “Free Sean Payton” shirts. “We must have missed the memo about getting free Sean Paytons,” he explains. “Our Sean Paytons are $.99! Our shirt pokes fun at the ‘Free Sean Payton’ shirts.”

Shutzilla T-shirt design

In New Orleans, our grandmas don’t make “marinara sauce.” They make “red gravy.” And it’s good. This shirt is an ode to the tasty recipes of red gravy that have been passed down from older generations of New Orleanians. When you visit our city, get yourself some meatballs and red gravy. Bon appetit!

Shutzilla grocery, tote bag

Our reusable grocery bag focuses on the local phrase of “makin’ groceries.” When locals say they are going to make groceries, that means they are going grocery shopping. What better way for a local to grocery shop than by using our “Make Groceries Not War” reusable grocery bag?!

New Orleans T-shirt designs
It’s always humid in New Orleans. It’s true. If New Orleans is one thing, that one thing would be humid. This shirt is a design parody of the show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” The great thing about this shirt is that whether you’re familiar with the show or not, everyone in New Orleans knows how humid and hot the summers are here, so this shirt always gets a good laugh.

Shutzilla Custom Onesie
This onesie design is a nod to the charming dialect that is common to native New Orleanians. We are guilty of running our words together. Call us lazy…we’ll just blame it on the heat and humidity! The phrase “mom and them” when said by someone from New Orleans sounds more like “mom n’ dem” and refers to mom and the rest of a family. How would this be used in conversation you wonder? Simple. “This weekend, I’m going eat by mom n’ dem.” And yes, we say “by” instead of “at,” even though we know that’s not grammatically correct!

Shutzilla T-shirt Designs
Although we don’t get much snow in the South, we know that it doesn’t come in the shape of a cone (as said in the T design)! The only real way to eat snow is in a cup with a spoon, with some extra syrup added. The condensed milk is optional and $.25 extra. This design pokes fun at the term “sno-cone.” A traditional sno-ball is made of shaved ice and is semi-slushie from all of the syrup.

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