HOW’s Spring 2015 Issue

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This electrifying issue of HOW magazine features a robust page count filled with design inspiration galore. You’ll find 300+ award-winning projects from HOW’s International Design Awards, including projects from across the globe. Not to mention 6 designers who caught our eye during our scouting phase. You don’t need a passport to access this large span of international inspiration—we’ve gathered it all right here. Plus, this issue wears a new look and will debut several new columns.

International Design Annual — HOW Magazine

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

International Design Awards
There’s no design competition more exciting than the International Design Awards. Work streams in from all parts of the world, representing the universal language that we know as graphic design. Here, you can see firsthand that good design needs no translation.


FEATURE: Global Buzz
No need to break out your passport to immerse yourself in design from abroad. Here, we’ve gathered the good stuff: 6 eye-catching international designers.

FEATURE: Anagrama: Beautifying Mexico One Boutique Brand at a Time
Though they are young, they are mighty. The Anagrama team has leapt into the design stratosphere, leaving a trail of success behind—and more ahead.

FEATURE: Visual Faux Pas
How do you avoid offending people with your design? Industry pros offer their two cents for evading cultural slip-ups.

Do you crave well-designed, interesting and useful products in your life? You’re not alone! We’ve curated gadgets galore and more. Plus, view 4 typefaces you simply must know about.

Behind The Design
View noteworthy projects from a cross-section of creative disciplines, with behind-the-scenes details on how those projects were created.

HOW-TO: Photograph Your Work (Almost) Like a Pro
Having access to professional photography isn’t always feasible or practical. Design firm Archrival lays out how designers can put their visual eye to work behind the camera lens to photograph their portfolio pieces.

INSPIRE: Creative Anarchy at Its Very Best
There’s a method to the madness of breaking rules and pushing boundaries, and it’s all for the sake of good design.

IN-HOUSE: Communicating Differences
When interacting with co-workers, it’s essential that you strive to create a healthy and safe space by always giving others the benefit of the doubt.

CAREER: Exit Ethics for All Future Former Employees
Leaving your job? There are some things to know before you go. Consult this karmic relief primer to avoid any unintended consequences.

INTERACTIVE: What Does Free Really Mean?
If the software, apps and resources you need are touted as free, is it too good to be true? Not always.

DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT: Leading Digital Innovation
For Huge, a multi-continent firm, with its base in Brooklyn, making lives better is key when they champion a project.

PRODUCTION: Taking Stock on Authenticity
In an age where originality is celebrated, stock skeptics sound off and the agencies answer.

NOW & THEN: Major League Soccer
UnderConsideration’s esteemed Armin Vit weighs in on the before and the after iterations of MLS’ logo—a drastic departure.  
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You’ll find all this and more in the Spring 2015 issue of HOW magazine. Want to win cool products that designers will love? HOW hosts a sweepstakes of such products that are featured in the LOOK section of the magazine. Enter Now!

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No need to break out your passport to immerse yourself in design from abroad. Here, we’ve gathered the good stuff: 6 eye-catching international designers. In the Spring 2015 issue of HOW, writer Bryn Mooth scoured every corner of the internet in search of six spellbinding design firms to profile in the International Design Issue...

The Evolution of a Great Magazine

Things are changing here at HOW, but in way that has everyone very excited and, perhaps, a little anxious. Change, even positive change, is never easy. Change disrupts rhythms and routines, forces people to think differently about what they do, how they do it and, most importantly, why they are doing it…and it always...