HOW’s Summer 2015 Issue

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The Summer 2015 issue of HOW Magazine has been completely reimagined, with a new design and layout from Editorial & Creative Director Andrew Gibbs.

“My team and I are so proud to introduce you to the new HOW magazine, focused on documenting and exploring the world of design. Our goal was to completely reinvent and redesign the magazine by presenting the industry of design in an honest, authentic, and real way, from the leaders and dreamers who collectively push our industry forward.” – Andrew Gibbs

Summer 2015 — HOW Magazine

This latest issue of HOW is divided into four sections: WHO, WHERE, WHAT and — of course — HOW. Explore each below.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:



Who are they? In each issue we look at the creative landscape and select 10 of the most interesting, innovative, and inspiring designers, leaders, and entrepreneurs.
-Anna Rifle Bond – Rifle Paper Co. Featuring:
-Heather Lipner – Clashist
-Mimi Valdés – i am OTHER
-Dan & Dave – Art of Play
-Bri Emery – Designlovefest
-Ryan Fitzgibbon – Hello Mr.
-Ida Frosk – Food Artist
-Jihan Zencirli – Geronimo Balloons
-Janine Vangool – UPPERCASE
-Aaron Draplin – DDC & Field Notes
Where in the world? We explore the world of design by venturing to one of today’s most unexpected creative communities to see what makes it so unique. Featuring:
-Designer Resources
-On Scene
What does it mean? From interviews with our 10 thought-leaders, we see the emergence of a few trends and big ideas. Whether it’s a digital media mogul or a paper goods company, they all share a common thread. Featuring:
-Clashing With the World
-Sell Yourself
-The Art of Deception
-Interactive Spotlight: i am OTHER
-The Colorful Evolution of Designlovefest
-Inside Man
-Blazing a Paper Trail
-Hello Mr. Fitzgibbon
-On Brand: Snask
-On Pack: Rethinking Sustainability in Retail Packaging
-AIGA Medalists
How do they do it? We explore the creative process of one of today’s most influential designers to understand how he designs, builds companies, and became who he is. Featuring:
-Aaron Draplin – Aaron Talks Design, His Process, and How to Be Human

You’ll find all this and more in the Summer 2015 issue of HOW magazine. Want to win cool products that designers will love? HOW hosts a sweepstakes of such products that are featured in the LOOK section of the magazine. Enter Now!