HOW’s Winter 2015 Issue

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This exciting issue by new HOW editorial and creative director Andrew Gibbs once again completely reenvisions, redesigns, and redefines HOW magazine.

HOW’s Winter 2015 issue, Innovation From Within, focuses on how a handful of talented creatives are changing today’s top brands from the inside out. Leading companies are unleashing the power of design to drive strategy, unlock potential and strengthen corporate cultures. And how have they risen to this new height of innovation? By looking inward.



This latest issue of HOW is divided into four sections: WHO, WHERE, WHAT and — of course — HOW. Explore each below.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:



Who are they? In each issue HOW looks at the creative landscape and selects 10 of the most interesting, innovative, and inspiring designers, leaders, and entrepreneurs.

In this issue:
David Hartman – Target
Ashleigh Axios – The White House
Christian “Kribba” Wilsson – Spotify
Mariana Bukvic – Nike+
Mauro Porcini – PepsiCo


What does it mean? From interviews with HOW’s thought-leaders, we see the emergence of a few trends and big ideas. Whether it’s a digital media mogul or a paper goods company, they all share a common thread.

Be Our Guest: Target
Designer Spotlight: The Michelberger Studio
Design & Democracy: The White House
Designer Spotlight: Ferroconcrete
Spotlight: Spotify
Chasing Dreams: Mariana Bukvic

HOW In-House Design Awards Winners

Meet the brilliant winners of HOW’s 2015 In-House Design Awards


Where in the world? HOW explores the world of design by venturing to one of today’s most unexpected creative communities to see what makes it so unique:

Downtown Los Angeles
On Scene: Burning Man

How do they do it? HOW explores the creative process of one of today’s most influential designers to understand how he designs, builds companies, and became who he is: Mauro Porcini, Best of the Best

You’ll find all this and more in the Winter 2015 issue of HOW magazine.