HOW’s January 2015 Issue

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In-House Issue of HOW Magazine

The January 2015 issue of HOW magazine is our In-House issue. As an in-house design professional, you may sometimes feel like a contortionist alone on a tightrope as you jump through the fire-clad hoops of corporate life. We hear your plight, which is why this issue is dedicated to in-house design. From 89 award-winning projects completed by the design teams at top organizations to the best tips and tricks from leading in-house managers on how to ensure a smooth-running team, we’ve got you covered. Plus, go behind-the-scenes of one of the most intriguing in-house gigs: Designing for NPR.

In-House Design Award Winners

In reviewing the 89 winners from this year’s In-House Design Awards, we’ve come to a bold consensus: Design is redefining business as usual for companies big and small.
Judging by Andy Brentis, Robin Colangelo, Ed Roberts | Writing by Sarah Whitman

NPR’s Delightful Design

The designers at NPR are at the epicenter of content consumption and user trends. Their mission: To enrich the vast amount of content produced at NPR through digital storytelling experiences. Find out how this dynamic in-house group balances it all. Plus, creative director Liz Danzico provides inspiring leadership advice for in-house managers (including aspiring ones).
By Jason Tselentis

Creative Operations

It’s time to assess the underlying process and mechanisms that grease the creative wheels of your in-house group in order to help your team truly be its best. After all, “creative operations” is not a term that’s often thrown around in design school.
By Andy Epstein


Look: Taking Flight, Type Foundry Spotlight, Geometric Order, Heads Up, 1 Page at a Time.

Behind the Design: Spirited Stories

HOW Design Live: This year’s conference will be better than ever!

HOW’s Promotion Design Awards

Designer Spotlight: Franklyn – Besides churning out savvy work for dream clients, this small design firm has crafted its own vernacular to keep its creative culture “trill”—or, “true to themselves and real with everyone.”

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Design Preppers

If there’s one thing in-house managers know, it’s that change is constant. Be prepared to protect your staff & produce great work in spite of the inevitable

In-House Inspiration

At HOW, we want to inform you, inspire you—celebrate you. And if you're an in-house designer, our latest issue will truly speak to you.

Cultivating Audience Engagement at NPR

Whether you're a devoted super fan or a potential fan, NPR marketing and communication's team is constantly working on ways to extend the brand to you. Check out some of the touchpoints they've created to fulfill this mission.