Job Interview Tips to Win Over Hiring Managers

You’ve landed an interview (hooray!), but now you’re sweating the questions and the entire process. We’ve collected some of our best job interview tips and resources to help you understand how to approach and prepare for your interview. These resources will give you an inside look into the hiring manager’s perspective and role in the process to help you ace your next interview. So, stop stressing and get ready to wow the hiring manager.


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What Do Hiring Managers Really Want to Know? The Creative Group outlines 5 common interview questions and reveals what information the hiring manager is really trying to glean from the question. Set yourself apart from other candidates and prepare for these questions.

Designers: Tips to Ace the Interview, Get The Job. Design hiring managers from all over the nation weigh in on what they look for in a creative candidate and share advice on how to make yourself professionally standout. Get the job!

Win Over Different Types of Hiring Managers. You have a job interview, but now what? Learn how you can tailor your responses to best meet the concerns of your interviewer and win them over.

Show Employers You Deserve The Job. With these 5 tips, you’ll learn how to get noticed by hiring managers. Learn how to create a strong online presence and make an impression that will convince them they need you on their team.

Job Interviews: Research to Win. What do you do once you have an interview scheduled? Find out how to successfully research a company, so you can “win” the interview.

Additional Resources
For more tips and job hunting strategies, pick up a copy of HOW’s Job Hunting and Interviewing for Designers.