May 2014

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The Creativity Issue of HOW Magazine


The May 2014 issue of HOW magazine is our Creativity and Design Annual. Now that winter is over and things are nice and green, its time to let the creativity fly! This issue features some great design exercises to remind us how imperative it is to feed our artistic soul and avoid burnout. Also in this issue find some great ideas for the designer’s toolbox, and learn to slow down to actually speed up your productivity.




Here’s a taste of a few other stories that you’ll find in this issue:


Live a Double (Creative) Life
Do you feel like you’re living a double life, dabbling in multiple forms of art? You may very well be a hybrid creative. Glean tips from 4 pros who have perfected the art of wearing 2 (or more) hats with ease.
By Stephanie Orma


The Art of Slowing Down to Boost Creativity
Get some tips from Peleg Top on how to stop running around in multiple directions serial tasking and start running in the right direction..
By Peleg Top


Art for Art’s Sake
It’s your job to make art for others. But do you ever take the time to create just for you? Creative exploration in your personal life is essential not only to evade burnout, but also to keep your embers burning bright in your professional life.
By Jim Krause


Detroit’s Design Renaissance
While the odds seem stacked against Detroit, a beacon of hope has emerged from the efforts of the creative class. See how the city built on the backs of hardworking individuals is moving forward with the same fighting spirit.
By Sarah Whitman


Touch Me. Hold Me. Fold Me.
Don’t underestimate the humble fold. See how designers take projects of all stripes to the next level by letting the grain drive forward innovation.
By Michelle Taute


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