HOW’s November 2014 Issue

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The Creative Business Issue of HOW Magazine


The November 2014 issue of HOW magazine is our Creative Business issue. This issue delves into the new landscape of design and the ever evolving definition of modern business.


Here’s a taste of what you’ll find in this issue:




Here’s a taste of a few other stories that you’ll find in this issue:

The Perks of Staying Small
We’re taught to “dream big,” so the notion of “staying small” may seem contrary. But many successful firm principals and sole proprietors, like Aaron James Draplin and Elements principal Amy Graver, seem to credit their conscious decisions to keep a low headcount as their key to success
By Emily J. Potts


Making Shift Happen
Rena Tom, the founder and entrepreneur behind the bi-coastal co-working phenomenon Makeshift Society, aimed to create a place that wasn’t just a space, but rather a breeding ground for community and an impetus for creative endeavors of all stripes.
By Joseph Hughes

Web Extra: Makeshift: A Community-Based Co-working Experience


How to Work From Anywhere
Whatever your situation, the notion of hitting the road and designing from a fresh hub has likely crossed your mind. One small firm did just that, and they want you, too, to know how to achieve the dream of creative freedom by designing virtually — from virtually any place you desire.
By Damien Golden


Is Your Creative Process Killing You?
If you’re feeling bogged down and your creative mojo is stifled, it may be time to take stock of the way you work and identify the culprits of your malaise in order to formulate your next move.
By Jason Tselentis




Look: Dress Up Your Drinks, Type Foundry Spotlight, This Little Light of Mine, Heads Up, Design: Logo.

Behind the Design: A Tale of Tulips, Jiminy Crickets, Bona Fide Art, Coastal Classics.

Sidelines: Uncommon Characters – One designer’s screen-printing experiment gives birth to a colorful cast of offbeat owl creatures called Kautzi.

Career: An Offer You May Want to Refuse – A new study reveals that counteroffers are more prevalent than they’ve ever been. Despite their allure, find out why engaging in this tactic may be counterproductive to your career.

Business: Selling Without Begging – How do you reel in the right clients without sounding desperate? Learn how to ditch the cold calling with these 6 tips.

Interactive: Moving to Modular – The paradigm shift for web design.

Creativity: Comedy Improv: Ideation Central – Try these exercises to harness the benefits of improv in your design work.

Designer Spotlight: KittenChops – From vibrant illustrations to distinct branding, the work created by Seattle-based sole proprietor Zaara KittenChops exudes a lively style headed straight for your heart.