Meet the HOW Staff

Jess Zafarris
Online Content Director, HOW + Print
Editor, HOW Magazine
Jess joined HOW in 2014 as Online Community Manager. She has since served as online editor for and Currently, Jess is Online Content Director for both websites and lead Editor for HOW magazine. These two brands are dedicated to providing inspiration and information to designers through a variety of media, including magazines, websites, design books, online products, competitions, events and more. Jess is an energetic journalist, editor, SEO guru and running enthusiast.
Adam Ladd Art DirectorAdam Ladd
Art Director, HOW
Adam Ladd is the art director for HOW magazine. He’s a graphic designer at heart and has a high sensitivity to foundational design principles, straightforward concepts and execution that scrubs the extraneous. Coming from a print and identity background, his work has ranged from logos and posters to infographics and illustration. He recently operated as his own identity design business, during which Adam was able to invest in self-promotional efforts, which included industry-recognized articles and videos. One of those videos was done with his then 5-year-old daughter about branding. It gained one million views in one week and is in use internationally by business and design leaders, a college class and an art installation. Adam shares life with his wife, Trish, and his two daughters, Faith and Lily.
Zachary Petit
Content Strategist, HOW+Print; Editor-in-Chief, Print
Zachary Petit is an award-winning journalist and a lifelong literary and design nerd. Prior to joining HOW and Print, he was the managing editor of Writer’s Digest magazine, and executive editor of several related newsstand titles. Alongside the thousands of articles he has penned as a staff writer and editor, covering everything from the secret lives of mall Santas to creative legends, his words have appeared in National Geographic, National Geographic Kids, Melissa Rossi’s What Every American Should Know book series, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency and many other outlets. In his free time you can find him on nerd-like pilgrimages, staring contentedly into the depths of obscure old-world machinery at such destinations as the Mackenzie printery in Ontario or the Gutenberg Museum in Germany.; @ZacharyPetit 
AAWebsiteAmanda Aszman
Associate Editor, HOW + Print
Having always admired creative communication in its many forms, Amanda is excited to join the HOW and Print teams so that she can admire design from a new perspective. With a background in writing, editing and marketing, Amanda has worked with a variety of creative people, from glass blowers to fellow word nerds, which has instilled in her a fascination with that drive to create that we all share. In her free time, she reads good books and writes fiction for young adults. @AmandaShayne

If you are interested in writing for HOW or sharing a story with us, please contact editor Amanda Aszman.