Winter 2017 HOW In-House Design Awards: Best of Show

The HOW In-House Design Awards recognizes the very best creative work produced by designers doing in-house work for corporations, associations and organizations.

Winter 2017 HOW In-House Design Awards: Best of Show

Carbon Design System

carbon design system


Company/Organization IBM, Carbon Design System Team, Georgetown, TX; | Creative Team Bethany Schwanke, Chris Dhanaraj, Mari Johannessen, TJ Egan, Bethany Sonefeld, Tayler Aitken, Ian Fleming, Brian Han, Christine Tsai, Anna Gonzales, Akira Sudoh | Details The Carbon Design System is a complete, front-end UI framework that includes everything from platform-branded components for the Bluemix UI agreed upon by the core design teams (around 80 designers), to a UX site with usage, redlines and accessibility information for the components.


HOW acknowledges Nathaniel Axios’ connection to IBM. After evaluation of this entry, a majority of the judges and staff selected it as Best of Show.