A Personal Team Shout Out: The DG Crew Rocks

After almost 2 years of editing and writing for the InHOWse blog, I believe I’m entitled to at least one personal post. It’s a shout out to my former team at Designer Greetings. I’ve had the privilege of building and/or working with many in-house groups over the years, all of which have been the primary reason I love my job so much. But Team DG is truly exceptional.

I often talk on the blog (and actually Emily Cohen has a 3 part series posting on the subject these last couple of weeks) about the theoretical perfect team. Well I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of the real thing. My wonderful former boss (more like a partner) hired and amazing group of creatives and entrusted me to manage them. Together, she and I added more staff who quickly embraced the DG vibe.

The team I said goodbye to this week is collaborative, savvy, supportive, passionate about their jobs and mutually supportive. They graciously accept constructive criticism but don’t hold back when they have ideas or suggestions on how to improve process or product.

Through them, I’ve discovered the most important ingredient of a successful team; the ability and willingness to accept and embrace others – human failings and all. No one, of course, is perfect and unfortunately in the busy, pressurized environment that most in-house teams work in, it’s easy to become intolerant of coworkers’ foibles. But somehow, not only did the DG department tolerate each other’s quirks and shortcomings, they embraced them and through that acceptance helped each other to laugh at and look at their individual Achilles’ heels and improve them.

So here’s my shout out to Team DG – you guys are the best!