AIGA Shout-IN: Metro-North Takes a Sip of Pepsi

AIGA Metro-North presents: INNOVATION

In-house designers need to be well-versed about the value that design brings to their companies. AIGA Metro-North is hosting a talk by Bill Wyman, a Pepsi insider, on just that topic.

The Future & the Power of Design to Bring Brands to Life

Guest Speaker: Bill Wyman, Director – Human Energy Futurist, AMP Brand & Innovation, The Pepsi-Cola Company

Within the past decade, design has started to become recognized and respected as a powerful strategic tool, not  just a decorative flourish. Design has the potential to bring a brand’s core essence and its personality to life–telling a compelling, symbolic story that resonates emotionally, experientially and yes, functionally!

Bill Wyman will talk about how design advances trend forward ideas, its importance to the marketing process, and ultimately, how it makes a brand story dynamic and motivating for its audiences.

Wine, cheese and other snacks and beverages will be served at 6pm. Lecture to begin at approximately 6:45pm.

Sponsored by: Mohawk Fine Papers, Inc.