AIGA’s In The House: Metro-North Presents The Bill Wyman Video

AIGA Metro-North presents: INNOVATION

In-house designers need to be well-versed about the value that design brings to their companies. AIGA Metro-North hosted a talk by Bill Wyman, a Pepsi insider, on just that topic.

The Future & the Power of Design to Bring Brands to Life

Guest Speaker: Bill Wyman, Director – Human Energy Futurist, AMP Brand & Innovation, The Pepsi-Cola Company

Within the past decade, design has started to become recognized and respected as a powerful strategic tool, not just a decorative flourish. Design has the potential to bring a brand’s core essence and its personality to life–telling a compelling, symbolic story that resonates emotionally, experientially and yes, functionally!

Bill Wyman talks about how design advances trend-forward ideas, its importance to the marketing process, and ultimately, how it makes a brand story dynamic and motivating for its audiences.

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