AIGA’s INitiative

Ric Grefé noted in one of his presentations at the Chattanooga Leadership Retreat that of the practicing graphic designers in the US today, 60% are in-house designers and 40% are agency, design firm or solo practitioners, yet in the ranks of AIGA the proportion is flipped. To address this discrepancy, AIGA is making an unprecedented move to enhance its outreach to, and support of, the in-house design community.

Under the moniker/brand, {INitiative}, a number of measures will be put into play over the coming months. The linchpin of the program is the establishment of a board level in-house position at the chapter level. This dedicated board member will be responsible for chapter specific in-house speaker and networking events, the sourcing of content relevant to the practice of in-house design and engaging in member outreach focused on the local in-house community.

AIGA national will provide the framework and infrastructure so that the individual members will be able to collaborate with their peers in other chapters to support each other and share resources and knowledge to enhance the group’s overall efforts.

Specific initiatives include:

  • Membership drive
  • Monthly in-house newsletter
  • In-house audio interviews
  • Facilitated local roundtables
  • Case studies
  • Value proposition toolkit
  • Event capture and sharing
  • Enhanced web content
  • Sponsorships
  • Conference programming
  • Speaker events
  • Panel discussion events
  • Professional development workshops
  • Business PR blitz

If there was ever an opportunity to contribute to the in-house design community, this is it. The first step you can take is to contact your local AIGA chapter to let them know of your desire to step up and join in. You can find your local chapter contact information on the AIGA site by visiting the Chapters page.

I hope to be speaking with many of you soon.

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