An In-house Cultural Revolution: Designers are ahead of the curve

Athena_DoctrineJohn Gerzema, in his book, “The Athena Doctrine” argues that the world is primed for, and in need of, a more feminine-based leadership style. Noting that a majority of people who have participated in studies on the topic say the world would be a better place if led by woman, he claims that a societal shift in values is imminent.

Interestingly, the traits he lists as feminine – nurturing, collaboration and adaptability, are exactly the traits that are prevalent in the creative community. It’s not only in our nature as designers, writers and leaders of creative teams to be that way, it’s embedded in the creative process and critical to our professional success.

There is clearly an opening here for creatives working in organizations and institutions dominated by a masculine culture to proactively promote our culture and business practices which are rooted in what Gerzema refers to as feminine traits but which I would say, at their core, are embodied in the creative mindset.