An Inside Shout Out: Mommy Managers

First, my sincerest happy Mother’s Day wishes to all the in-house working moms who heroically juggle their job and family obligations. I hope you all find time for your personal passions in your daily lives.

I’ve always been moved and inspired by the mommy mindset that my colleagues, who are moms, have brought to the workplace. We’d all do well to emulate the best of these behaviors. Whether it’s their extra patience, empathy for struggling underachievers and skills at multi-tasking or their ability to see both sides of a disagreement, their acceptance of the bad with the good and an uncanny ability to hear 3 conversations at once, all the non-moms have a lot to learn from these multifaceted moms. That companies sometimes punish working mothers is not only an unethical and unfair travesty it’s also shortsighted and just plain bad business.

So here’s a personal shout out and thank you to all the mothers who have contributed so much to the humanity of our places of work.

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