Are You Planning for The First Year of Freelance?

by Ilise Benun

Shane Pearlman started freelancing out of necessity during the dot bomb of 2001. There were no blogs on freelancing and nothing like the Creative Freelancer Conference. But he did find a mentor who helped him avoid the worst mistakes during his first year. And he’ll be sharing what he learned at this year’s Creative Freelancer Conference.

And while you shouldn’t get paralysis by analysis, certain key tips often make the difference between navigating a successful freelance career and making the most common mistakes.

In this 10-minute interview, I talked with Shane about the big mistakes he sees freelancers make — like not putting enough away for taxes! — and more. For example:

One mistake I see all the time—this is probably the most common—is waiting to sell until they need it. So, you get really busy, and you think, ‘I’m so busy, I can’t think about sales, I’m busy!’ Then by the time you get to the point when you think, ‘I wish I had something to do, I should start selling’–well, that’s three months too late.”

Shane will be sharing lots of tips this year in Boston at his session, “Planning for the First Year of Freelance.” So whether you’re dreaming about freelancing or already in the thick of it, you can be practical and intentional about running your business – and you will be successful. He’ll touch on everything from why you should always get a deposit to tracking your finances to creating a contract and much, much more.

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