Resolve To Be A Smarter Designer In 2012.

Welcome to 2012! If you’re like most people you made a few personal resolutions that you’ll try to keep for a few days, or weeks, before you either give up or forget about completely.

Well, I’ve got a challenge for you; try a professional resolution instead. Become a smarter designer by the end of 2012. I don’t mean learn new trends in type or trying new things with color or images. I’m talking about becoming more knowledgeable about the processes and strategies of the business and apply them to your work.

I have found that that best designs are executed with a full understanding of why the requestor is coming to you in the first place. I challenge you to learn about what business strategies are behind that new project request you just got, and use that information to produce a more strategically informed design solution. Sure, we can all design something aesthetically pleasing, but if it doesn’t solve the root problem, then it’s just another pretty piece of communications.

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About Andy Brenits

Andy Brenits is President of the Board of Directors at InSource, the professional association for in-house creative leaders and managers. He is also a creative consultant advising individuals and business owners on brand strategy, creative management, and what it takes to differentiate yourself consistently in a crowded market. He has previously lead creative teams at GAP, Banana Republic, NFL, KPMG, and Arizona Public Service. 

One thought on “Resolve To Be A Smarter Designer In 2012.

  1. Dave

    I agree wholeheartedly. There are hundreds of designers, who can make something pretty. Heck, even nieces and nephews of clients can do that. But it does take a greater mind to develop a solution that solves the problem and creates value. The byproduct being repeat business and being highly valued by your client!