Blogspotting: The Creative Process

The creative process is often a very difficult thing to explain to our corporate colleagues who don’t typically get what we do. So as creative people, we often try to use appropriate visuals to demonstrate how we get from points A to Z. In fact, it’s a good business practice to have your process defined for your clients, so that they understand the context of how their project gets completed. Doing it visually would be better of course, since it shows off how creative your team is.

I don’t however recommend that you use this graphic with your clients though. I spotted this FastCo “infographic of the day” piece by Suzanne Labarre back in January and thought it was a nice insiders joke to what really happens in our world. She notes that everyone starts out at the same place, with an idea. From there, you can take the scenic route, or the express route. though she notes that to take the express route, your idea better be damned good “lest you smash headlong into a brick wall”. To read more go to the post directly at



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