Booked Up: “A Whole New Mind”

While it’s not his newest book, Dan Pink’s “A Whole New Mind” is certainly the one that will most powerfully affect your career as an in-house designer. Pink carefully makes the case for, and then validates, his claim that the behaviors, attitudes and aptitudes that we right-brain creatives possess are essential for personal and organizational success in the new global economy.

You’ll not only end up feeling good about yourself for all the reasons your corporate peers denigrate you, you’ll also come away with effective rationales as to the value you bring to your company. And Chapter 2 is one of the best arguments supporting the value of design you’ll ever read.

One thought on “Booked Up: “A Whole New Mind”

  1. Trish

    I want to thank you for your book suggestions. Keep them coming! I am currently reading A Whole New Mind and am loving it. It is definitely empowering and gives me quite a few ideas on how to interact and discuss these topics with “left-brainers” I’m especially enjoying the chapter on Story.

    At the same time I am listening to BLINK, another one of your suggestions. Also facinating. I have found that listening to audio books while working enables me to learn and earn at the same time. Since most of my work is visual, I’m able to do both. I would recommend to anyone looking to invest in audiobooks. It is a great site and has a wide selection of business books you can download to your computer or mp3 device.

    Thanks again for your suggestions!
    BTW… I finally convinced the “powers that be” to let me purchase a few books for our department. The Corporate Creative was one of them!