Booked Up: High Culture Makes for High Achievement

There are 3 points that Grant McCracken compellingly makes in his groundbreaking book, Chief Culture Officer:

  1. That most corporations are culturally illiterate and they pay dearly for that shortcoming in today’s ultracompetitive global marketplace.
  2. The cult of cultural personality, as embodied in Steve Jobs and other celebrity CEOs, is a dead-end path towards the establishment of a culturally sensitive organization and that it is possible to create and nurture CCOs.
  3. That designers (and here, I’d interject – especially in-house designers) can, and will, play a pivotal role in  infusing their host companies with a culturally astute mindset.

Not to sound cliché, but this book is a must-read for all in-house designers who are looking to impact their company in a big way beyond the deliverables they produce.