Booked Up: Malcolm Gladwell’s “Blink”

While any book by Malcolm Gladwell is worth reading, “Blink” is especially relevant to designers and even more relevant to in-house designers. Gladwell carefully documents evidence supporting his contention that there are amazing forces at work beneath conscious thought that allow humans to powerfully and accurately process large amounts of information, both subtle and obvious – something most right-brain creatives already know.

As much fun as it is to read about right-brainers flexing their cognitive muscles and trouncing left-brain organizations, Gladwell throws out a big caveat that in-house designers would do well to heed. He cautions that there is often a healthy (or rather unhealthy) dose of unconscious prejudices that can short-circuit a person’s finely tuned but fragile intuitive powers – an idea that overconfident designers would do well to pay attention to lest they shut down their clients and managers and close off potential solutions they were too arrogant to entertain.

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