Booked Up: Manifesting The Unmanifested

Whether it’s a self-fulfilling mind virus or some physiological hurdle we creatives have to overcome, organizing ourselves and our lives in a way that allows us to bring our ideas to life is a challenge oft discussed in our community. Scott Belsky, in “Making Ideas Happen”, is one of a select few who have addressed this creative handicap.

Belsky’s book is perfectly calibrated to engage and be absorbed by us right-brainers. It’s clear, concise, possesses strong narratives and is divided into bite-size chunks to accommodate our ever-wandering intellects.

Dividing the process into 3 areas of importance, Organization And Execution, Forces Of Community and Leadership Capability, “Making Ideas Happen” presents content that is actionable and completely applicable to the implementation of all those ideas, strategies and plans that constantly pop into our heads only to get lost in the creative swirl of our psyches.

If you’re looking to pick up a book with the hopes of getting support to better your and your team’s professional situation, “Making Ideas Happen” is it.