Booked Up: The No Asshole Rule

Jerks and bullies are inescapable in the world of business. Many corporate cultures actually cultivate them. No group is more vulnerable to the mean-spirited whims of these unsavory creatures than in-house designers who must work with clients who may abuse their role as the “customer”, deal with peers in other departments who hold the designer mindset and culture in disdain and report to upper managers who view them as a profit drain and necessary evil that need to be contained and controlled.

Bob Sutton, in his book The No Asshole Rule, addresses this topic with humor, candor and humanity (three characteristics often lacking in the corporate world). Looking at the asshole phenomenon from every angle, Sutton lays out ways to stop it, avoid it (both in yourself and others) and manage it.

It also doesn’t hurt to have one’s anger at and frustration with the assholes that show up at work everyday validated by a Stanford University professor and best selling author.

This book is a must-read for every in-house designer.

One thought on “Booked Up: The No Asshole Rule

  1. Zane

    Haaaaa! I was surprised to see this on here. I read this book. Well, actually I downloaded the audio book from Apple. I really enjoyed it. I definately recommend it.

    It’s funny to see how many people I know being discussed in the book.

    Andy, you must be a very busy guy!! and also the In-HOWse blog. Kudos to you!!