Business Literacy: An Open Book

At this year’s AIGA Pivot conference, a special in-house section in the bookstore was created and stocked with non-design business books written by some of the most prominent (and accessible) business thought leaders writing today. Periodically, I’d walk by the section expecting the stacks to be dwindling between visits. They did not.

I started conducting an informal survey to get a (excuse the pun) read on how many business books the in-house conference attendees had read. Surprisingly, at least to me, very few had read books on the topic and many whom I asked were completely unaware of the genre.

It is absolutely critical to your success that, as creatives immersed in the business world, you educate yourselves about the theories, facts and myths about the art and science of business. Many of the books available specifically discuss the challenges and opportunities available to right-brain thinkers (that’s you!) operating in a left-brain world (your companies).

Below is an image grab of a bookmark that The Creative Group produced for Pivot that includes a recommended reading list. Buy them, crack them open and expand your context of design.


One thought on “Business Literacy: An Open Book

  1. Michelle

    Thanks for posting these Andy! I’ve collected a few but have been stuck due to a lack of knowing what to look for that is applicable as an in-houser. I have noticed however, that when you add a book to a created list on the Barnes and Noble website that it shows other books that are similar which I’ve been feeding off lately.