Career Inc.: Watch Your Back By Looking Ahead

The higher you go up the org. chart the more vulnerable you become to being downsized right out the company door. As unfair and shortsighted as this practice is, it is a fact of corporate life. Therefore it’s your responsibility to mitigate the risk of receiving a cost cutting pink slip by bringing strategic value to your role and showcasing that ……………………………………………. value to your managers.

It’s critical that you adopt a proactive mindset and look for opportunities to improve your team’s performance through the implementation or refinement of SOPs, staffing structures, client service practices and project management protocols. Outside of your team, you need to aggressively look for ways you can better serve your company. This could include acting as a liaison between clients and outside agencies, consulting with procurement on their dealings with outside marketing services vendors, becoming a key supporter of your company’s routing and approval process and, of course, looking for new clients to support.

Your work doesn’t stop there, though. You need to actively promote your successes to your clients, managers and the members of the C-suite through email bulletins, lunches and printed promotional materials. Case studies that identify the problem, your solution and the outcome are the most effective format to use. This is not the time to be modest.

To be frank, if you’re not committed and savvy enough to take these steps and practice them consistently, you probably shouldn’t be in the position you’re in. Certainly, if you can’t promote yourself, how can you be expected to promote your company.  Conversely, if you successfully build on the value you and your team brings to your company and powerfully articulate your successes, you end up supporting the interests of you, your team and your company in ways you could never have imagined.