Corportfolio: Dell Designing on Brand

Dell’s secret to branding success is simple – the internal team didn’t just execute and walk away, they were, and continue to be, engaged in the brand with internal clients and outside agencies at every level and in all media. Having met the team, this comes as no surprise. Part agency, part design firm and all savvy – the GBC team sets the bar high and takes great pride in their work. Most importantly, they value strategy and consistently apply it to their assignments.


What began in 1984 inside a university dorm room with a $1000 loan is now one of the world’s most recognizable technology brands. With over 100,000 team members across the globe, Dell offers solutions that span from mobile devices to servers and gaming desktops to cloud integration services. But Dell is focused on more than just technology. Having recently been named the greenest company in America by Newsweek, Dell devotes significant effort to corporate responsibility initiatives across the world—all in hopes of empowering human potential.

Over the past few years, Dell has repositioned its brand by redefining its core purpose—giving customers the power to do more with its technology solutions. The internal Global Brand Creative (GBC) team brings the brand to life by ensuring a consistent experience for all of Dell’s customers and team members while inspiring, encouraging and celebrating the power of creativity.

Since taking part in the larger brand repositioning effort, the team worked to redefine brand perception by crafting the vibrant new visual identity system you see today. With the help of agency partners the team then developed a set of brand standards to clearly guide the new identity rollout to every brand impression—from campus building signage to packaging to retail environments and

The Global Brand Creative team members also offer creative and brand strategy guidance internally to positively influence corporate culture and executive messaging. They spend significant time supporting business unit-specific initiatives and campaigns to ensure the brand is properly articulated in marketing communications.

This passionate, growing internal team shows immense depth of ability, as they collaborate, guide and execute brand expression across all touchpoints.

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  1. Jules Brenner

    Dear Andy, (and all writers, communicators, and wannabe journalists)
    Use of abbreviations and acronyms are fine, as long as you don’t forget that the point is communication.
    When you use an acronym (or initialism) do not assume that everyone knows what you’re talking about.
    In the first paragraph above, the initialism GBC is used, and only in the third paragraph does a clarification appear that it means Global Brand Creative.
    That clarification should have appeared at the first mention of GBC, not at some random spot in the article. Note that Wikipedia doesn’t even know what GBC is in this context (
    Ranting on in hopes that the predominance of people who fail to clarify, will realize the importance of rapid communication.
    Yours hopefully,

  2. patricia

    this is awesome and inspiring! we are working with updating and broadening our brand, both internally and externally. working with our internal business partners on getting a better understanding and experience with brand and how we all become stewards of it.