Corportfolio: Lockheed Martin Media Products Takes Flight



Any in-house designer who received Adobe’s July events and training calendar knows that print to web and ebook is an accelerating trend in our industry. Shame on us if we don’t keep pace with this publishing paradigm shift.



One in-house team who is successfully riding this wave and is reaping the rewards of enhanced prestige and positioning in their company is the in-house Media Products team at Lockheed Martin. They created a high flying promotional emagazine for the Paris Airshow that combines powerful imagery and editorial with the best interactive functionality that new media has to offer.

The links below will take you to the digital pubs and stills are included at the end of this post.

Full magazine

Product-specific mini-magazines

Project information:

Summary of task: Create interactive magazines to replace printed collateral for the Paris Air Show.

Audience: Paris Air Show attendees, social media users (Tumblr, Twitter, Google, etc.) and industry media

Project team:

  • Ed Armstrong & Steve Hall – Digital Media Graphic Designers
  • Sydney Carroll – Editor
  • Tim Arduino – Web deployment
  • Joe LaMarca – Client (interactive, web-deployed magazine)
  • Andy Papp – Client (iPad magazine)



One thought on “Corportfolio: Lockheed Martin Media Products Takes Flight

  1. Diana

    What programs are there designers using and does this require programming skills? As a print designer who is trying to transition my skills to tackle the interactive market, where do I start?