Corportfolio: United Pet Group Presents a United Front

The design team at United Pet Group successfully solves creative and marketing problems in the context of rigid branding requirements – not an easy feat. The goal of  the UPG group is to keep as much design in-house and go out only when they don’t have the resources while maintaining best-in-class quality. Judging by the pieces below, they’ve suceeded.


The company:

United Pet Group is the global leader of home aquariums and outdoor ponds. They are the largest marketer and manufacturer of aquatics products for the pet supply industry under the Tetra, Marineland, Instant Ocean, Jungle and AquaTech brands. As the industry leader, UPG’s Aquatics division is known for its product quality and history of product innovation.

The team:

UPG Aquatic’s creative team is responsible for the production of packaging, advertising, point-of-sale and marketing collateral for North America, South America and Australia. The team consists of seven designers who work across all brands as well as key retailers private label brands. Between the Tetra, Marineland, Instant Ocean, Jungle and AquaTech brands, they manage the creative for over 3,000 individual retail SKU’s.

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