Corportrait: IT’s Id

by Scott Pollack

What every corporate Macphile already knows about IT…

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4 thoughts on “Corportrait: IT’s Id

  1. Jason

    I was the first to get a Mac into the company and the IT guy told me he wanted to use it as a hockey puck. Hehe, I think he’s come around a little bit since I don’t bother them at all with nagging computer issues.

  2. Cailin

    I, too, was the first and only Mac in my company. There was an attempt by IT to move me to Windows when my G4 finally pooped out. However, with the support of my manager, the exercise was futile. I am happily continuing my design work on a new iMac.

  3. Bob

    Currently working in a split environment PC and mac, I unplugged the mac since I don’t ever use it, and as we move to a new production system I probably won’t ever have to plug it back in.