Dealing With Departmental Dysfunction

3 simple tips excerpted from next week’s Collaboration DesignCast on how to cope with corporate colleagues and departmental dysfuction:

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 3.12.35 PM

  1. Different departments have unique personalities. Accept this and deal with them as you would an eccentric or annoying relative who may bequeath you a large inheritance.
  2. Tailor your relationships and behaviors to the group you’re dealing with.
  3. Reduce your dependence on them as much as possible.

Running a corporate design department—or working successfully in one—requires the perfect blend of creative skill and business acumen. In this 4-part HOW Learning Series, veteran in-house design leader Andy Epstein (co-founder of InSource and editor of the InHOWse Designer Blog) presents strategies and tactics for thriving as a creative in a corporate environment. You’ll get real-world advice on managing a team, creating smart processes, maintaining brand standards and building successful relationships.