Dear In-House Diva…

In-House Diva

Dear In-House Diva,

I work in-house as a designer for a very well-known financial institution. With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I was thinking about dying my hair and painting my fingernails PMS 186 Red. Because our organization is very conservative I do have some concerns, and I’m not sure if this type of fashion statement will be acceptable. Am I being overly paranoid? I mean, c’mon, we are the “Art” department!!!

Fashionably Frustrated,

Dear Mark,

Like most organizations, I’m sure your company has a dress code. I would reach out to someone in your HR department to determine if your enthusiastic Valentine’s Day display violates company policy. There may be some exceptions around special holidays. I can tell you that at my company, each year on St. Patty’s Day there’s a lot of green in the house! Dying your hair may be a bit too over the top for your organization, and my recommendation would be to wear something red instead. You’ll most definitely be noticed for passionately recognizing the day—although I can’t guarantee this will happen without compromising your reputation or jeopardizing your career.  Remember, you want your colleagues to see the red without “seeing red”!

Whatever you end up doing, be tasteful and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Glenn John Arnowitz is Director of Global Creative Services for Pfizer and co-founder of InSource. He is a designer, musician, composer, writer, actor and speaker, always looking for new ways to scratch that insatiable creative itch.