Everyday Designing and Unsung Heroes

From a health brochure that not only explains a complex idea but also looks great to the clean, modern design of Tazo tea, in-house designers design for the everyday. You’re often the unspoken heroes of your company, making sure that branding guidelines are followed in even the smallest of details or communications. Your hard work is often overlooked — and often under-appreciated.

But we love to see it. We love to brag about the work we see coming out of teams that work in-house in the healthcare industry, creating clean yet not dry materials. Or the fantastic work that you’re creating for educational institutions, such as this publication created by the creative team at Columbia College in Chicago. “About Face” presents the portraits of individuals who have suffered from a variety of conditions that resulting in facial paralysis — giving the serious topic a personal touch.

"About Face," a merit winner in last year's In-House Design Awards

“About Face,” a merit winner in last year’s In-House Design Awards

And we cannot forget the work that you’re putting into the hands of consumers everyday. For example, the redesign of Tazo team created by Starbucks Global Creative Studio. This In-House Design Awards Outstanding Achievement winner was completed in a 16-month timeline and the in-house team revamped every element of the brand—from identity system and packaging to graphic vocabulary—and even opened a retail store.


Tazo packaging with an impressionist feel.

The project also involved updating more than 100 SKUs for the retail products and consumer packaged goods. Despite the time crunch, the resulting designs were successful. And their designs were put into the hands of tea drinkers everywhere Tazo is sold.


The Tazo retail store exudes the calm, earthy ambiance that the designers achieved when crafting the new packaging.

Like these award-winning projects, we know that you’re putting great designs out there and into the hands of real people. So why haven’t you taken the time to enter it in the annual HOW In-House Design Awards and let everyone know who is behind these great designs?

Winning projects not only get their daily, yet extraordinary designs into the hands of other in-house designers, they also get noticed by creatives from all over. Just think, that team sitting on the other side of the country whose work you’ve stopped to look at (because you’re a designer, and we know you stop and notice every detail, all the time) could be admiring your designs.


The In-House Design Awards will help you get noticed by more than your colleagues, by more than other in-house designers — it’ll get your work and your team noticed by all of the folks who read HOW magazine, visit our social media sites and read our website. (Spoiler: It’s probably a lot more people than attend project update meetings.) That is, your designs, you and your team will get noticed.

As the unsung heros of the everyday, who make it a bit more beautiful with every mouse click, you deserve the recognition. Enter your work in the In-House Design Awards today and get the limelight you deserve.