5 Fantastic Folks to Follow on Twitter #FF

The following folks are some of my favorites to follow on Twitter. They’re incredibly talented and their words, work and love of creativity are inspiring. Enjoy these folks to follow!

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Photo from Shutterstock

1rampcreative1. A strategy director on an award-winning creative team in Los Angeles.
Rachel Elnar @rampcreative
“Building brands to create emotional connections for hospitality, entertainment, technology and retail organizations. Tweets by Rachel in #DTLA.”

I simply love the Ramp Creative website and incredibly yummy, enviable design solutions.

2RIMA2. A London based in-house creative team for the fifth largest company in the world.
RIMA Design @Rima_Design
“Not only are we a 25 year old #CorpComms design agency, but we’re also Shell UK’s in-house creative team. #InternalComms is what we do best.”

If I had an opportunity to travel to London, the Rima Design team would be the folks I’d most like to invite to lunch. They care deeply about what they do, how they do it and their clients.

3jeniherger3. A creative professional turned corporate guru in Seattle.
Jeni Herberger @jeniherberger
Creative professional turned corporate guru & keynote speaker delivering insight into designing unique realities for clients & audiences. Chief @theFLCRMagency.”

I first met Jeni Herberger through mutual friends on the board of InSource. I’m impressed with her keen understanding of various in-house issues and general business practice insights shared on Twitter.

4lostpear4. A design director in Seattle.
Hafiz Huda @lostpear
New to Seattle: creative, designer, foodie & pop culture fan. Design Director for Amazon. Marketing, branding, UX, and odd other links here. Verified Dude.”

Hafiz Huda and I started following each other just before the 2013 HOW Design Live conference. I’ve enjoyed reading his tweets on pop culture, design and his family.

5vonster5. A master illustrator in the land of Bigfoot!
Von Glitschka @Vonster
“Illustrative Designer, Thinker, Speaker, Author, Creator of Branding, Icons, Lettering, Illustration, and Wit. A foodie who loves Jesus and Reading Books.”

I simply enjoy re-tweeting the fun, quirky things Von seems to find on the internet. You quickly learn that Von is committed to his profession and is willing to share his passion for design, illustration and technology.


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